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Films & Advertising

 Films & Advertising

Wings Internationals, Multi-Platform for Short films and feature films, advertising campaign with a substantial production team of highly skilled creative and technical experts we can handle large scale complex shoots for the entire range of film production requirements, including TV commercials, high-end corporate videos Short films and feature films content for Best Brands.

We are filming all over the world, for our clients across Industries including Aviation, Automotive, Tourism, fashion, Digital content, Motion graphics, Animation FMCG, finance and technology etc..

As one of the Mumbai leading full-service production companies, we offer a large range of Film production services covering the entire campaign and Film production process.

We have an extremely talented editing and post-production team capable of handling all offline and online editing, music composition, sound design and audio post-production on all projects.

In the online world, it’s important to find a digital content agency that is able to deliver your message in a artistic way. As one of the leading Film and Advertising production in Mumbai , we pride ourselves on being able to capture the attention of your target market, with compelling digital content that will serve to lift up your brand and captivate your potential customers.

Our Services

Short or feature films , TV Advertising, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Music Video Album, Short film,  Ex-plainer Videos, Find Crew, Find studios, Find locations etc..

Film Production

We’ve worked on everything from large scale  and shoots at all Location & Studios for motion filming, Tourism promotion short film, Industry product short film, In-One-house directing talent coupled with our renowned DOPs and visual effects supervisors means that we know how to obtain the very best results from live action filming.

Promotional Short Film

Tourism Promotion and Industry Manufacture product or any FMCG product we work with our multi-platform and production team of highly skilled creative and technical experts, we can produce promotional videos that work hard to ensure your product or service stands out.

Corporate Short Film

As one of our areas of expertise, we have been Consortium with Film & Music Director’s producing high-end corporate Music and Films for nearly a decade produced number of Film’s & Music for Film Industry.

TV Advertising

As a leading producer for TV commercials, we develop with a wealth of directing talent on our roster we undertake and match the right director and DOP to every commercial

Product Short Film

We ever, very interested for product video and work very hard with our high skilled expert for the shoot short film on product , All type of product it’s from Manufacture or for any type of Marketing  product of FMCG or any type of  Aviation, Automotive, Tourism, fashion product etc…

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are the most important which elucidate a new service  for online videos, website works with  simple animated screenshots to produce the most concise and engaging explainer videos.

If you have a project and you are interested  like to chat to us about, whether it’s a Short or feature films ,TV commercial, online film, corporate video or simply a video production idea that needs to be developed, give us a E-mail:-



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