Water & Waste Water Treatment

Water Treatment Technology
Wings Internationals had motivation to provide at least 5 Liters of Pure drinking water Globally for per person every day to achieve the Goal Company has established to bridge between the Un pure water to Drinking water by water treatment plant with Indigenous and Advance Technology to change Natural water to pure drinking water. its brings Huge Health benefits specialty to Babies , Pregnant Women’s Aged Persons and well good for the fitness for sports man as well as for Pharmaceutical Industries and it can used for Food Industries with many more needs of growing urbanization for the quality of Pure Drinking Water .Conventional water treatment blended with Advance Technology by Pressure Sand Filters Activated Carbon Filter Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) system Ultra violet sterilizers , Micron filters , Ozonators , De-mineralizes , Softener , Iron Removal Filter , Fluoride Removal of Plants , Ultra Filtration ,Nano Filtration , Electro De-Ionization and Many More Advanced Technology

Bottled Drinking Water
The Bottled water processing is specially designed to meet the wide range to meets the ever growing package of Drinking water Industry by highest standard of quality

Beverage Food & Hospitality
The Processing plant has specially designed to meet the critical demands of the Beverages and Food Industry for Manufacturing of Soft drinks, Juice, Beer, Package snack Vegetable Oil , Rice Mills , and other Agro Based Industries.

Town Ship & Multi Storied Apartment
The demand of urbanization for the quality water Wings Internationals has Indigenous built water purification system & sewage treatment for Housing Apartment and Commercial Complexes This system include primary, secondary & tertiary built for separate treatment system.

Textiles & Tanneries Paper & Pulp

The water rejected from Dying Spinning and other Textile & Tanneries Industries are Re-cycling by using High-end Technologies to Achieve Zero discharge.

Swimming Pool & Re circulation Plant
Wings Internationals can provide the Re circulation Plant to make the Crystal Clear to the potable standards for Hotel and Restaurants for Drinking water.

Power Cogen & General Industries
Wings Internationals can Provide the Advance & efficient solution of process water for specialized water treatment for Boilers & water recovery systems.

Seawater Desalination
Global has billions km cube of water but of no use Wings Internationals can provide Highly Advance efficient & economical Desalination Plant which meets highest standard of Engineering to ensure the trouble free at maintenance cost Wings Internationals can provide Containerized Desalination Plants with special plants for Ships & Boats.

Chemical Pharmaceutical Electronic & Hospitals
The huge Industries of Chemical Pharmaceutical & Electronic Industries are always need of Ultra Pure water with Less Conductivity for which Wings Internationals is always Ready.

Kindly give this a serious thought and give us a opportunity to serve you in the way you want.

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