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Wings Internationals

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We believe in creating results for you. We are committed to drive your business to a higher ground by capitalizing on your strength and Competitive Advantages. We offer Media Relation , marketing Strategies , Events management , Market Research , Direct Marketing and Creative Services which are at par with the Best in the Industry Through proficient Marketing Research and Partnerships and by Harnessing the public Relations Opportunities We help in Effectively Promoting your Brand by Positioning them as Appealing Niche Players in Today’s Global Industry Our Goals are Your Goals and with the Professionalism Creativity and Dedication of our young and Enthusiastic Team We Strive to Meet and exceed your Aims and Objectives In Our Working Team We have More than 45 Years of Experience and passion for Excellence has Earned a Number of Prestigious Awards and a Professional Reputation.

Destination Marketing:

  • Direct Marketing & Sales to the Trade through dedicated Staff
  • Developing Effective Brand Promotion Strategies
  • Effective Interface Development with Leading Operators
  • Participation in Trade Fairs, International Events & Exhibitions, Workshops, and Road Shows
  • Establishing Alliances with Trade partners for Joint Promotional Activities

Advisory Role:

  • Direct Representation of Leading Hospitality and Business Industry Tourism Brand
  • Counseling on Various Aspects of Brand Building and Promotion
  • Providing in Depth Analysis of Business &Tourism Industry
  • Identifying Locations for Set up of your Sales Office in Key Markets as per our Nominated Destination in the World
  • Counseling on Expanding your Reach across Targeted Market Segments

Business Efficiencies driven by – outsourced back office solutions, overhead reduction, cash flow enhancement and business process simplification.

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