Wings Internationals

Wings Internationals

Wings Internationals Established in the Year 2000 and Registered by Government of India Ministry of MSME.& Ministry of Commerce (Foreign Trade) Operates in Tours & Travels, Film Production, web series, News Paper Media, PR & Marketing Publishing Promotion & Communications, Import & Export, Sub Agents with EbixCash for Foreign Exchange Western Union Money Transfer Travel Insurance and Make My Trip is an integrated agency in Mumbai India. Member with Indian Motion Picture Producers Association ( IMPPA ) Mumbai, Film Crafts Federation Mumbai, & World Trade Center Mumbai (WTC) .


Wings Internationals Film Production web series News & Media tries to cover the number of Countries and Islands and some of them are very difficult to find on world map, we know the name of that Island but don’t know where it is located and what type of life people live at Island.


We will promote the Country Tourism in the way of web series the story is Highlighting on all type of Accommodation Hotels, Road travel arrangements, food, Hospitals, and Schools & Colleges as well as all types of Business and country site scenes, beaches and many casinos etc.

Wings Internationals Film Production web series News & Media has all those qualities and have also been proactive in suggesting content and new angles on issues that business travelers will find fascinating, we will promote country Tourism by Launch of a New multi-platform 

Business Travel web series can reaches to travelers through any channel The show will be available online and the traveling consumer will be able to watch the web series on their devices, at their destination. 

“Our vision for this project to create a flexible content solution that traveler can get clears all query before start its journey. 

Promotional Short Film

Tourism Promotion and Industry Manufacture product or any FMCG product we work with our multi-platform and production team of highly skilled creative and technical experts, we can produce promotional videos that work hard to ensure your product or service stands out.

Corporate Short Film

As one of our areas of expertise, we have been Consortium with Film & Music Director's producing high-end corporate Music and Films for nearly a decade produced number of Film's & Music for Film Industry.


As a leading producer for web series commercials, we develop with a wealth of directing talent on our roster we undertake and match the right director and DOP to every commercial. Product Short Film

Film & Television Production

We ever, very interested for product video and work very hard with our high skilled expert for the shoot short film on product, All type of product it’s from Manufacture or for any type of Marketing product of FMCG or any type of Aviation, Automotive, Tourism, fashion product etc…

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are the most important which elucidate a new service for online videos, website works with simple animated screenshots to produce the most concise and engaging explainer videos.

If you have a project and you are interested  like to chat to us about, whether it’s a Short or feature films ,TV commercial, online film, corporate video or simply a video production idea that needs to be developed. Contact us.

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